William Mather

Postdoctoral Fellow
(858) 822-3858

Research Interests

Drawing from a theoretical Physics background, my postdoc has primarily focused on the theoretical analysis of protein interaction networks and gene circuits. I am especially interested in the study of nonlinear response characteristics and delayed interactions in the context of stochastic models. A recurring theme in this research is the development of design principles for synthetic networks. I have also gained some experience with the design and implementation microfluidic devices, culminating in the synthesis of a device that applies a spatiotemporal signal across a bed of cells.


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(* co-lead)

Thesis: Mather, W. Rectified Brownian Motion in Biology. Ph.D. thesis. Georgia Institute of Technology (2003).

E-Book reference: Some work on polymer models found in Mysterium Tremendum Part 3: http://www.fefox.com/ARTICLES/Part3.pdf