Interested in joining our lab? Read below for details on who to contact.

Graduate Students

We're always on the lookout for top-notch graduate students. If you are a prospective graduate student interested in the possibility of joining the lab, there are at least three programmatic routes. You can apply to the Biology Division, the Bioengineering Department, or the Bioinformatics Program. Furthermore, students wishing to participate in the q-bio Ph.D. Specialization program may join the lab from any of the participating departments. (Note there may be other UCSD programs that will allow students to join labs that are not directly affiliated with the program -- you should ask the admissions contact). The first step is to be admitted to one of these graduate programs and I am not centrally involved in the admissions process at this level. Students inquiring about about joining the lab will be notified if positions are available. Once admitted, students do a research rotation in the fall of their first year so that we can both evaluate if your interests, abilities and work ethic are a good match for the lab. Additional considerations are the availability of funding (either through my grants, student fellowships or the home department) and the number of people who are interested in joining the lab in a given year.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Send me an email, along with your CV. If you are interested in pursuing your own funding through a federal or international fellowship, include an outline of your plan and I will consider the possibility of supporting your application (if it is a good match, etc).

Undergraduate Students

We often have openings for undergraduates looking for research experience that qualifies as course credit (199). Given the significant investment in training, along with monthly expenses associated with supplies and other consumables, we are typically looking for sophomores or juniors (or even freshmen) who are interested in joining early and staying until graduation. Contact me with your CV, and if an opening is available, I will pass it along to the lab's graduate students and postdocs for consideration.

Visiting Scholars

Send a CV with CCs to my collaborator Lev Tsimring and to Terry Peters, who is the administrative contact in the BioCircuits Institute.