v1 Installation

Setting up the DAW system

  1. Assemble all the components
  2. Download the installation file DAW_Setup.zip
  3. Unzip the file and locate "IAI USB" driver
  4. Run and install the driver following all the prompts
  5. The process may require rebooting, go ahead and reboot, but DO NOT disconnect the USB cable from the actuators
  6. Locate the folder "RoboNET Setup Ver 1.0.2"
  7. Run "setup.exe" from folder "+s+"
  8. Run "ROBONET_GWParaSet.exe"
  9. NOTE: Port configuration should be the COM port assigned to the USB location. Basically after plugging in the USB cable, the operating system will automatically assign a COM port to the USB device that you are using. The binding port can be determined in "Device Manager"
  10. Baudrate (bps) should be set to 38400
  11. Connect by pressing "Read"
  12. Now changed the displayed baudrate to 38400
  13. To save the changed settings press "Write"
  14. Optional. If you want you can install the manufacturer's supplied software. It can be found in the distribution directory under "RCPC Ver6.00.06"
  15. Modifying the communication cable. The end that connects to the ROBONET controller needs to be modified.
  16. You will need to cut the existing connector and separate the wires. The ROBONET controller should come with a custom 4 wire green connector, it should have the following markings on it: "SA", "SB", "FG", and "SG".
  17. Connect the yellow wire to the "SA", and the orange wire to "SB".
  18. Once done, plug in the new connector into appropriate location on the controller.
  19. On the controller flip the "MODE" switch to "AUTO"
  20. Open up the faceplate of the controller. You should see 4 dip switches. Using a pen or a screw driver flip switch 2 to the right. The other 3 switch should all be in the opposite state.
  21. Install LabVIEW, version 7.1 or higher
  22. Locate the "nimodbus12" folder and follow the instructions("readme.html") on how to install this library for LabView of your choice
  23. Copy the DAW program to your computer (location is not important)
  24. In the "Axis_Initialization.vi" change the communication port, to whatever port (COM1, COM2, COM3….) you are using for the control of the actuators
  25. Save the "Axis_Initialization.vi"
  26. Run "MAIN.vi"